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Tax Deductible Donations


Here are a few items that our RHIM Foundation have purchased to help those in need:

*Handicap Accessible Van (to get person to and from rehab, etc.)

*Gator (to get rehab person around the ranch)

*All Terrain Custom made Wheel Chair

*Wheel Chairs

*Rehab Neccessities

*Handicap Accessible lifts

*Chair lift on horse trailer

*Helping people get back on their feet 

*We raise $ to help those without Medical Insurance

How to apply

Rowdy's Hope In Motion Foundation was started in 2010 in honor of Rowdy H. Smallwood.  We work mainly off of word of mouth and referrals.

We are a 501c3 non profit organization.

To send your donation:  

Mail to RHIM, 605 S. Adams St., Laramie, WY. 82070

include your email and we would be happy to send you a receipt.

Thank you for your support and God Bless!

Hello and thank you for considering Rowdy’s Hope In Motion as your non profit organization.

We rely on referrals from caring individuals to help us reach more people that have been in a Farm, Ranch or Rodeo related accident.  Whether it be helping them with rehab related medical conditions or to help get them back on their feet, we want to help make their life easier. The eligibility consideration process is initiated when a referral inquiry is submitted to the RHIM Board.

Who is eligible:

​NEW: We are now reaching out to help all Farm, Ranch and Rodeo Families who have been in a fatal or tragic accident of any kind.

A child or adult with a life-threatening medical condition due to a Farm, Ranch or Rodeo accident.  Farm, Ranch or Rodeo Families with similar conditions may also be considered.  We do not help with medical, but if you are involved with doing therapy and are in need of help with things at home that could help make life easier, please let us know what we could be of assistance with. 

Please submit the following to us for consideration:

Give us your contact information: name, phone and email.  Your name or the name of person your referring, child or adult, where they are from, contact info, tell us if it is a Farm, Ranch or Rodeo related accident and when and about what happened.  If you are applying for something other than that, please explain.  Tell us a little bit about yourself, the person and/or family.  Explain what kind of help you or them are in need of.  Anything that would be helpful.  

Thank you and God Bless.

Reaching Out To Farm, Ranch & Rodeo Families